Why does he always leave me to message him first?

Met up with a guy and things went really well both times we met and we've agreed to meet again at some point, but he never messages me first anymore? I can see him online but he never initiates chat. It's always me. I feel it's so one sided and that he's not interested and chatting with other girls?

Before the date he would message first and keep up a good chat and now when he does reply it kind of come across as uninterested... any thoughts?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I prefer to wait as well. Just because you never know if your text is interrupting work, school, time with friends, etc. When my time is more flexible than most, I wait to get a text to begin the exchange.. it tells me they are free and are interested in texting. It is not an interest thing.. it is just a consideration I have for other peoples time.

  • because not all us guys are as confident as you think. a lot of us are very nervous and even might have low self esteem. if you wanna give thus guy a hint just tell him!!! if he already liked you he'll say yes, if he didn't, he'll say no.

    • He is pretty confident though and he was fine messaging me first before. Don't see why/how anything would have changed? Don't wanna come across pushy or clingy and ask haha!

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  • If someone never initiates contact with me then I assume they feel indifferent about me , and that I'm never on their mind. I also assume they only respond out of politeness

    Stop initiating contact , if he cares he'll notice. If not , then you'll know exactly where you stand with him

    Someone who is genuinky interested will be eager to chat with you