Girls, she feels sorry for herself?

A girl I met at Uni was interested in and we started talking. She mentioned she was interested in seeing a firework display, so naturally (as I have a crush on this girl) I said 'well if your going, I'll tag along with you'.

On the day she was making excuses not to go but went anyway with a friend she hardly knows. I asked if she wanted company but she insisted that it would be rude for me to turn up when she invited the girl.

She then asked me what I was doing over the weekend and I said nothing and asked what she was doing and she said she would be watching movies and feeling sorry for herself.

What does it mean that she 'feels sorry for herself'? Normally you'd just say what your doing.

We were talking again and the weekend cropped up and she repeated the exact same thing when I mentioned the fireworks.


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  • Maybe she just wants her to keep her company if she keeps saying it. But I don't know o_O

    • Neither do I? Would it mean she was interested but scared and pulled out last minute?

    • I don't know. She sounds really confusing lol

    • Know what you mean :P

  • Maybe it's a joke?

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