Why won't he even open a snapchat from me or anything after saying he doesn't need a relationship?

I was talking to a guy for about 4 months who recently got out of a long term relationship- everything went well, went on a few dates, he was always texting me first and snap chatting me constantly-said good morning and all that- then eventually i kept asking when i would see him again and he vaguely would just say "you'll see me"- anyway we still texted all the time and snapped and then i finally told him that i feel like he hasn't made time to see me for like 2 months and basically he said that he thought he wanted a relationship sooner than later but realized he isn't sure what he wants in life and says a relationship isn't what he needs- which was fine. Then I did some snooping on Facebook and found out his ex girlfriend got engaged (they dated for 6 years and she dumped him 8 months ago and is now engaged to the guy she dumped him for) so i thought maybe that had something to do with it. anyway- he hasn't answered any of my texts about if we can still be friendly and talk, we are still friends on snapchat and I'm not blocked or anything ( can still see his story, points, etc) yet he literally won't even open a snapchat that ill send him. Im so confused as to why he completely cut off all contact with me when things were going so well, we talked every single day.. so any opinions are appreciated


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  • I would wonder if he broke up with his girlfriend because he wouldn't commit.

    Bottom line though, if he wanted to be with you, he would make time. Period.

    Don't waist any more of your time or your heart. You won't find Mr Right while you are still interested in Mr Wrong.

    There is also an off chance that if you move away, he will come back. Don't wait for that though. Just move on.

    Easy for me to say, I know. But true. :(

  • The way you say that it seems like he's depress cause of his ex (i would be in his place) he may have tried to move on found other occupation and not think about girls if you just give up you might lose him and if you try too much you will look like a clingy person (guys don't like clingy girls) so after few days of not trying to make contact with him call him and try for a meeting of some kind that should help


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