How to have a successful relationship?

As a girl, how to make a real effort to have a successful relationship?


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  • equal effort is the most important. If you start putting in more effort, it is pretty much not going to work very well.

  • God-fearing; Love; respect; honesty; patience; forgiveness and not materialistic


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  • The biggest thing you have to do as a woman in my opinion is COMMUNICATE and DIFFERENTIATE.

    Communicate: Don't sit by and hope hints will let your guy know what's up. Also don't assume he should "just know" anything, ever. Also communicate your needs, don't let them go unspoken out of fear of hurting his ego - just be mature, sensible and open. If you feel hurt and emotional, that's not the time to bring shit up. Calm down first.

    Differentiate: Don't take shit he does too personally, learn how to differentiate intentional behavior and just "guy" behavior, or behavior in general. Example: I showed my boyfriend old pictures of me, and commented how I was "much skinnier back then" (I was even more petite in my youth) and he said: "Yeah, you were skinnier back then." He had no intention of that being an insult, but a lot of women would have taken it that way. Differentiate between stuff like that an actual asshole behavior.

    The reason I say these things because every single one of my friends struggles with these things as women. It's all linked to self esteem and conditioning. From there, be loyal, trust in him, support him, and listen to his need and oblige them.

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