Is he interested?

I met a guy through a friend, he's outgoing but very shy because of being heartbroken by a girl a few months ago. We texted for a couple days about in depth things and told me he wanted to kiss me, but was hesitant to tell me because it felt too soon. I had also confided in him about how I basically am very inexperienced because I figured he was looking for a hookup. But he said he liked me just the way I am and that he is trusting me/taking a chance on me/wants to be the one I try things with. A few days later we made out, then he didn't text me for a few days but apparently texted our friend saying that he feels as though we are breaking up even though we weren't dating and wants to take it slow but would still like to hang out with both of us. I contacted him on my own asking if he wanted to hangout and he said he was down, but then texts my friend saying how its hard being with someone who is insecure when he is also insecure and trying to improve that; he hasn't texted me back since. What should I think? I was surprised he still would hangout with us.


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  • He is still hurt and healing from the past relationship. He isn't ready for another one yet.

    • Do you think I still have a chance?

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    • Take it slow and you might have to invite others for a little while.

    • Ok I will try that, I guess I'm just nervous because I'm not sure if he still likes me

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  • No he is not