Why are traditionalists so intellectually behind?

A lot of my female friends are traditionalists when it comes to dating, and I just get so frustrated with them when I talk to them sometimes. They embrace societal double standards and anti-progressive ideals to retreat to their realm of intellectual dead end. Why are traditionalists so scared? What are they afraid of? Why can't they realize that our society is changing fast, and that they should adapt to these changes rather than putting up futile attempts to fight it?


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  • Of course they should be scared. They are losing all the special treatment that their grandmothers had in the 1950's. Such as chivalry, men paying the bills for dates, men work while the women stay at home, majority of men wanting to get married, and celebrating 50+ wedding anniversaries. Your female traditionalists are afraid that no man that earns a high income won't marry them to provide them 2.5 kids and McMansion with a white picket fence. At the same time these traditionalists scream for equal rights as men but want special treatment which is hypocrisy. They want their cake and eat it too. They''re intellectually behind because they were never challenged in the real world of working for a living. So they need other people to survive emotionally and financially. Like a parasite that needs a host to live.


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  • Why do they need to do things like you? What if they don't want to?

    • If they don't want to, it's their loss. They always come to be bitching about why guys don't approach them. And here I am, with a boyfriend, trying to give them an advice, and it's like talking to a wall.

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    • Right that's why I said just say you don't wanna hear it, they clearly have different views so just let them be

    • I do let them be. They're the ones who call me all the time, knock on my door, and bother the heck out of me.

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  • Fuck people that know the life they want to lead, right? Let me know how happy you are in your career when you're 35.

    • I'm actually pretty damn happy with a great job right now, and I'm getting better. How is YOUR life? :)

    • Pretty awesome, because I'm doing it how I like with my girlfriend, and we both happen to be more traditional. Who would have thunk

  • humans are conservative.


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  • They are not, its you

    • traditionalist in denial. how typical.