Does he like her?

Ok so my friend has been starting to notice that this boy in a few of her classes seems to be staring at her every now and then. Once in awhile they'll make awkward eye contact until she looks away. He'll laugh loudly around her almost like he's trying to get her attention and well once he was laughing into his hands and when she looked over at him he was peaking over at her through his fingers. Also he was singing a few songs during class even though everyone was complaining and my friend was giggling to herself. It's almost like he kept singing to make her smile.
Anyways my point is I think he is starting to like her, but there are a few things that are making us think differently. He recently asked a friend of ours for her number In front of my friend and also called this friend of ours bub. But I mean I know some guys will do this and flirt just to make others jealous. So I don't know

Do you think he's starting to like her or?


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