Cheating gf? Please help?

So here I am again, asking for help on GirlsAskGuys.

my girlfriend and I are dating for 5 months now, and some thing started happening about a week ago:

she he continuously kept talking about this dude (let's call him Max) all the time, all day long.
"max did this" "max did that" "max said this"
On and on and so forth. I got so fed up that I told her to stop. She agreed to.

The next couple of days, I sit down on my break at work, and find out she's texting "max" and me at the same time. (Since he was sitting right across from me) AND he said she was bringing him something from Starbucks. At this point I was mad. Maddddd.
She came, sure enough, with a Starbucks cup. She disappeared in the store for a good 30 minutes, and reappeared without the cup. I asked her what she did for so long, and she's like

"oh I went around getting some stuff and I saw Max so I talked to him a little bit about produce."

like wtf? No. I found him in a back room in t back of the store with her Starbucks cup that she gave him. She didn't "just see" Max. She went and looked for him to give him the Starbucks.

Now I was really pissed off!
But we went out together later, and I believed her when she told me she didn't like him, she only loved me. So I took her out to dinner as an apology.
THAT SAME NIGHT I worked again, and found out from the manager she was canceling her promotion to cashier (she also works at my workplace) and wanted to be a worker in produce. Exactly where this dude works.

This is was a severe slap in the face to me, and it utterly shattered my heart. She just got done telling me she didn't like him, I took her out to dinner, and she knew all along she was talking with Max to switch her to his department?

does she really "not like him"? Or is she definitely cheating on me with this dude?

pls guys, I need your suggestions and comments. I don't know what to do. I want to break up so bad right now. But she's beautiful and I want to keep her. What do I do?


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  • Ask her straight and also the guy, if she circles around and won't give you a straight answer then break it off. She doesn't deserve you. There of course is always the possibility of them just being good friends but use and trust your intuition


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  • She's probably already sleeping with him and having all kinds of sexual activities with that guy Max behind your back for quite some time now and you may not had even realized it until now. It's only been 5 months, things can happen. Sometimes those really pretty girls may find someone they will stray for and if that other person they had strayed for can perform better in bed and shit and can outmatch and outclass you in sexual performance according to how they feel then that would mean your relationship is over and you lost control.

    It's like that frequently these days, depending on what her sexual drive is. Time to move on learn from your mistakes as much as possible and improvise the next time around. If she is very attractive I very much would assume she has a strong sexual drive that needed to be satisfied properly and consistently, and if not, she can and would stray very soon and early in the relationship.

    Instead of getting jealous, you would need to plan on how you can regain control and figure out how to be able to give her the best possible and satisfying experience in bed which would reduce the chances of her straying and so she would remain loyal to you. And if it didn't work either then you know she does not deserve you at all since you did your part the best that you could. Don't underestimate how important sexual satisfaction can affect or will affect in relationships and dating. And sometimes they won't even bother to communicate this to you as a problem that you still aren't satisfying her enough or still not giving her the best sexual experience she had expected or hoped for.


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  • pump the fucking brakes man. Life is so good when you aren't jealous. This might sound a little over the top, it also sounds like high school drama. If you were to get rid of her I would have that as a reason. I very highly doubt she's banging "max".

    I do however think that crosses a pretty damn big line. Assuming he's just a co-worker and not like her child-hood best friend or something. Instead of coming at her accusing her of things. Tell her that it bugs the shit out of you that she came to work to bring some other guy coffee and not to see you. I also think your life would be a hell of a lot better if your girlfriend didn't work in the same building as you, that would be horrible.

  • Leave this woman. It doesn't matter weather or not she is cheating on you with this guy, your feelings are clearly a distant second to her and she has no problem lying to your face. She is bad news and you will be much better off if you leave her as soon as possible.

  • Dump her, it may hurt and it will but you'll get over her and find someone that won't cheat and lie. You deserve to be happy, leave her in the dust. Best of luck to you.