Should I mention it?

I guy a really like and have just reconnected with has asked me on a date. I'm friends with a couple of his mates as we were on the same course together so I asked what they thought of him. They said he's a good person but tries hard to fit in so he's influenced by others. He does MDMA apparently... my ex did this and coke and was a compulsive liar, very controlling and still doing drugs despite the fact he'd promised me he'd stopped. This guy seems genuinely nice but I'm scared of getting hurt again!! My mates have got my back.
What should I do though? Do I tell him I've had a relationship with someone who does that and it didn't end well to see if he says he does that himself or not?
Should I go on the date?
He doesn't know I'm aware that he does the drugs!


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  • From my point of view, I don’t believe relationships should start off with dishonesty or deceit from either within the couple. He should be letting you know that he’s using drugs and from your point of view, you should be letting him know that you’ve been in relationships like this and they didn’t end well so he’s got perspective of what you will and will NOT tolerate.

    Given from what you’ve posted, with all that I’ve already said, I feel you shouldn’t go on this date. Even though your friends are saying he’s a good guy you already know he’s dealing with addiction issues and that can turn dark and ugly and you have to ask yourself if you really want to be party to that again as you have in the past. That’s my bottom line.

  • if he's a cokehead i would have sex with him and then ditch him. cokeheads only bring problems in the long run

    • As far as I know it's just MDMA.
      That's what I've been told anyways!
      He seems lovely but then I've judged people wrong before...

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    • Mmmm 🤔 I will go on the date that's if he doesn't cancel! But I am very wary of him...

    • and you should

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  • @LifeIsStrange, you have been ForeWarned here, dear, of Someone who is Hooked on the Demon, and if you Begin your own Clean Beguine of even 'Should I go on the date?'... It may be your own Demise.
    He is Hooked to the Hip to Something that is Empowering his own life, and in the End, my Friend, you are Going to be Nothing but this Enabler who has been Helping Him by being this Enabler and Life Support and Life Line, which are the Three things they Look for.
    Cancel out, Bow out Graciously. I know what it Means to be involved with this sort of Guy... You get Hooked, Hook, Line and Sinker in their own Life of Strife.
    You Yourself have Stated that you have Been there and Done that. Don't allow His History to Repeat itself.
    Good luck. xx