This guy that I only been talking to for 3 days drunk texted me, guys is this a red flag? Have any of you guys done this? And what should I do?

We never met before. We only been messaging on a dating app for 2 days and texting for one day. He got drunk at a concert, he claims it gets him to get loose dance and not be so shy at shows which I understand but he started to Tex me a bunch of heart emojis and was telling me how cool and pretty I am and then he stopped texting me for a bit then he's like I'm okay just tipsy asked me what amazes me about our world so I told him and he said that my thoughts are cool blah blah then he said he was going to bed so I said goodnight then he texted me and said that he liked me.

1. Should I be scared? My friend told me not to talk to him because drunk texting is a no.
2. He's 26 years old is that immature for his age? I'm 21 and I never drunk text anyone. Only person I did was a good friend of mine and I asked her to come over.
3. Isn't it too soon to know if you like someone? I think he's attractive but I don't really know him in total we probably sent 20-25 together. So we don't really know each other too well.


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  • He didn't say anything inappropriate, therefore I do not consider it a red flag. At least, not yet.


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