NEED HELP ! Do I text him and try to be friends with him? What if he doesn't reply?

Recently my ex posted a pic with a girl and not contacting me after.
I wanna do the same thing back to him, find a hot guy and take pix of myself with him.
I know a guy in snapchat, living near to my place. Now this guy seems really famous and good looks. I'm sure that he has a girlfriend too.
All I need is a pic with him.

Do I text him and try to be friends with him? What if he doesn't reply?
Or Do I text him and tell him the truth that I need to take a pic with him to show my ex?
What if he refuses?


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  • How old are you? You sound 14. This is very immature and unnecessary. The best way to get even is do nothing. If you retaliate he'll know he got you

    • I'm 21 and he's 25. We've been together for 6 years.
      I feel that he's doing that purposely to get or me. I'm deeply hurt and want him back.
      That's the reason why I want to give him the same medicine he's is giving me so that he will be able to understand my experience.

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    • Actually we never broke up. He proposed me 6 years back. And since couple of moths back he reduced to reply to my texts and I gave him space...
      But then he replied to me with one word text but I didn't reply him.
      After 1 month I saw that pic and I responded him that I'm happy to see him with his new girlfriend ( I actually meant opposite).
      I know that was a mistake and immature but now I wanna fix it.

    • You still don't get it. "SPACE" MEANS BREAKUP. IT'S OVER. GET OVER IT

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  • You should stop right now and not be a bad human being.
    He is your ex for a reason, are you really willing to use and manipulate other people so you maybe make him a little mad? and if he doesn't care at all? You will be the one looking bad at the eyes of the others that you manipulated.
    So, stop.


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  • Why would you waste your time doing that? What do you need to prove? Just let it go and move on.

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