How can I get this girl to just date me?

okay so now I'm angry, I have a friend that's hitting on her now, he got her number (which I don't have) and says she's coming over to his house later. Now he did show me some texts, (not all of them :-[ ) but in the messages he asked her about me and she just told him that I would never like a girl like her and he just continued his own conversation. so today without telling her he showed me their conversation I made it pretty clear that I do really like her. she just gave me the same crap about already having a Boyfriend but I already described to my mom all the funny things about this boyfriend and her and her friends and my sister's all concluded that she's lying. also she told me the same thing, that she doesn't trust me (I wonder why) and that I don't really like her. any advice?


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  • You can't get her to date you, pal. She is clearly not attracted to you.

    • then why does she take my stuff, make me walk her to class, and approaches me in the halls

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  • You can't, she just doesn't like you. The reason she said to your friend that you'd never date a girl like her is because she's afraid you'd hear about it if she outright said no. and make things awkward.

    What she's doing is pinning the lack of attraction on you when it's really on her.

    • then why does she take my stuff, make me walk her to class, and approaches me in the halls?

  • i feel like she said that she doesn't think you'll date someone like you as a nice way of saying she isn't interested. sry to say.

    • but why does she make me walk her to class, and why does she approach me in the halls?

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    • how should I though? I've tried telling her straight forward but she refuses to believe that I like her. also what should I do about my so called friend? can I use him to help me get her since he has her number and claims that she's going to his house

    • i dont understand why she refuses to believe that. she could be playing hard to get. just try being flirty. and it is def a good thing your friend is talking to her, try and get him to say some stuff about you.