Not certain about this girl's actions?

I've been currently been talking to several exchange students, mainly Korean and Japanese ones. There is one student that recently got on my radar, but this is only because of the following actions committed.
-First time I meet her, I notice she's VERY close to me proximity-wise. As in, less than 1 or 2 inches.
-She initiated the touching. I put my hands up as a form of shrugging off a joke, and she all of a sudden starts to playfully smack them as if it were a game. Next day, I'm showing something on my phone, and all of a sudden, her hand is on my forearm.
-Laughs to the point of where she basically getting the whole room's attention when I make a comment or joke.
-The biggest hint I got was from one of her friends talking to me. Her friend showed the girl my picture before meeting me, and she quote-on-quote said, "Wow, he looks handsome."

These should seem rather VERY obvious, but I noticed that she's a very social type, even among guys. I can't properly gauge this, as I also found out from a friend she went with an exchange student to a baseball game. My gut says to go for it. Your thoughts?


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  • She's at the least attracted to you. I say go for it.


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  • Sure man, go for it. What have you got to lose? You've already said it yourself, the signs are there. Just jump into the water, it's already been tested. ;)

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