Does everyone find someone at some point in their lives?

Does everyone find someone at some point in their lives? I feel like I do not really attract any men (excluding online dating), but does this mean that I could possibly attract a man later in life? I get sad because even though I am 21, I do not feel close to finding love or a boyfriend.


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  • No one here can guarantee that you'll find someone, or when.

    Don't overthink it; I'm 21 too, and I've only ever been in ONE relationship. I don't know if I'll ever be in another one, but I don't dwell on it too much because all it does is get me down.

    "Never say never" is the best that I, and pretty much anyone here, would be able to give you. If you're outgoing enough, talk to people in school (if you're still studying), or at work; go out to clubs or parties, or find a social hobby. You'll never know who might cross your path.

    Patience is key though. :)


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  • Most people meet someone special in the most unlikely of places and at the least expected time. It usually happens when you are just enjoying life in general, and not looking for that someone

    • Yea, but I have been living my life single for the past 21 years. Even though that may seem young to many people, I really want to get married in my late 20s and have children in my 30s. Since I cannot force love, I guess I have to come to terms that this dream may not come true.

    • Yeah I understand.

      We all need to feel loved and wanted by someone special, and most people have a lot of love to give, so they want someone special in their life to share that love with them.

      Maybe try creating new opportunities for yourself , so you can meet new people. The more opportunities open to you , the higher the chances are of you meeting someone special.

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  • No. Not everyone finds someone. Or they find someone and it fails miserably and they remain bitter.

    That doesn't mean that with some effort put forth, you can't find someone.

    If whatever you are doing isn't working, then change whatever you are doing. Whether it be losing a few pounds, getting a hair cut/style change, putting yourself in more social situations, working on seeming more approachable, DOING MORE APPROACHING YOURSELF, etc.

  • There have been those that haven't even though they tried to find someone their entire life.


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  • There's 7 billion people on this earth. I think you'll somehow manage it.