I can't have the type of girl I want?

So I have noticed the past few years...

I am really attracted to Artsy Girls, Girls with their hair dyed crazy colors, and Asian girls.

The problem is I never have any luck with these kind of girls. They don't even look at me...

The girls who are attracted to me are usually party girls, girls who like to drink, dance, go out every night, Indian Girls ( I am Indian as well).

Some shy girls like me too, but as I am shy as well it's very hard to get the ball rolling...

I don't like clubbing or drinking, so it makes the party girl useless for me...

Why is it we can't have what we want?

I think settling is wrong, but I am not sure... It might be hopeless to go after a Chinese Girl with green hair who loves doing art all day...

Do I have to accept I will never have a girl like that and just accept what ever kind of girl I can get?

I don't know...



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  • Because in life you need to learn how to compromise, sure you can have a nice Chinese girl who loves doing art all day, but she won't have green hair or a chinese girl who doesn't like doing art all day but does have green hair, or not a chinese girl who does have green hair and does art all day.

    A lot of South East Asian girls that I know don't have crazy hair colours. Maybe the odd pink, blue or purple but not something drastic like green or yellow lol

    You can have what you want but just be realistic about it.

    • I understand that, I know I have to compromise and keep my options open...

      But none of these girls I am into like me back... None :(

      I feel like I should learn how to club, and change myself just so I can adapt to the girls who do like me... :(

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    • I'm still sad :(

    • Yeah man I know, just be lenient on the situation

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  • You can get anything you want man. You said you're shy which is something you will need to over-come before you can cross that bridge, but it doesn't take much more than going up and talking to these girls. I'm assuming you are somewhere where you see this type of girl frequently. Go and talk to her, thats all it takes. Just because she doesn't appear to be looking at you doesn't mean shit. And this guys saying artsy girls are promiscuous is an idiot, anyone can sleep around.

    Just because you're into art doesn't make you a whore all the sudden, actually being a whore does, anyone can be one if it's their dream in life.

    • Maybe it's just being shy... I am shy, usually artsy girls are very shy too...

      I see some in person, but mostly online dating sites... I've never matched with one on Tinder, never gotten a reply from one on Ok Cupid...

      I saw one in person, really tried to start a conversation... I told her I liked her hair ( it was a really nice blue)... she smiled and said thanks and just continued to walk into the store...

      I never get any attention from my type of girls :( And it kills my confidence more and more...

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    • That's good, I need to improve on stuff like that...

      Where can I learn and get more advice?

    • There's tons of pick-up artist content out there you can read if you do some googling. While I think what they do is a little over the top mainly just trying to get laid. It is some decent information to read through and they normally have a decent idea of what they are talking about. Since they do talk to random girls an asinine amount.

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  • Be thankful that there are girls who like you in the first place.

    • Just attracted, but once they talk to me they realize I'm a shy loser who doesn't party and get turned off...

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  • There's a french song "quand on ne peut pas avoir la fille qu'on aime, faut aimer la fille qu'on a" meaning when you can't get the girl you "love" you should get the girl that "loves" you, everyone have a prefered type of person (i wanted a real redhead i got a kind of red hair, she dyed her hair so much i don't even know her real color) and apparently the girls that you wanted, wants someone else. And if i may Asian is not only chinese, have you tried some japanese girl or maybe korean one (they are hard to find) they are also artsy, dye their hair and Asian

    • I have tried all Asian girls, but I mostly like Chinese...

      If any girl told me she loved me, or even showed interest I would go for her.

      But this Attractive Indian girl was talking to me, says she's not in school right now, wanted to go clubbing, we were talking about drinks... but I told her I'm not really interested in partying or that life style...

      I might need to adapt to it? but it's just not who I am.

    • Nah don't do that you will regret it later (it's very rare that party girl change when in a relation). Shy one are not that bad tbh and still want a chinese then expand your range of search, you may not found all that you're searching for in her but you may found most of them

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