Ladies, what's a good way for a guy you don't know to ask you out?

So, there's this woman I like through work, or should say interested in as I don't know her at all, we don't actually work together but through my work is how I've met her. I don't know a thing about her or even if she's single and wondered how I'd go about finding that out? Ladies, how would you like a guy to proceed without it being creepy or how would you do it if it were you? Let me point out that it's not something I can control so responses like, hang around her, talk about random things etc won't work here as I only see her periodically and it's only very briefly, less than a minute. I find her very attractive though and nice, would love to ask her on a date but like how? lol Without it being creepy or unprofessional (as we are both working). Only thing I've noticed is she's never been wearing a wedding ring so I don't think she's married, might very well have a boyfriend but? I don't know anyone that might know her either. I know her name but don't see anything online either, like Facebook or anything. Do I just randomly ask her one time if she'd like to go out? Would that be extremely uncomfortable for her coming from really a complete stranger? Guys, anyone been in this type of situation and what did you do?


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  • Leave it in a card
    Find a random way to bounce into her
    Go out for a lunch break together... not a date... less pressure
    Or be bold and blazened to go right up and ask her. If I had a boyfriend obviously no. But I would go out with that person if I was single even if no attraction just for the nerve.. maybe become friends at least.

  • First see for signs of interest

    • What might they be from a complete stranger? ie, how would you tell the difference between signs of interest and just being friendly or polite?

    • Dialated pupils, open chest, feet pointed towards you, eye contact, smiling, mimicking your positions, etc. etc.

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