Did I am crazy that much?

My boyfriend dont me so much, but I feel that I am the reason! I am always ask for him and the first who calls everytime! He do what he wants to do, but when its about me, I have to do what he wants! First how can I deal with this? Further more, he always out with his friends till 3-4 am! And I just wait for him untill he gets home and then we sleep while the phone is on! yestrday he didn't call me when he slept and I have been waited for him more than 4 hours to get home so I thought that there is something happend with him!!! And I kept sending him messages and calling him from 6am till 12pm! And there is no response, at 12:30pm he calls me and tells me that "are you maniac?"!! Instead of feeling so much love and caring that I had didn't sleep!! He tell me that! He didn't care about anything!!! And didn't ask me to talk at least 5 min! He wants to go out from bed!! So at last, and I need some help! How to let him miss me? How to let him miss that I am asking and caring about him so much? What I have to do! And did I was really maniac for caring that much where he is and he was sleeping?


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  • I think a more serious issue should be addressed: your relationship sounds really unhealthy... Sleeping with the phone on every night is a bit much.

    I think he really needs some space. I know you care about him, but he needs a girlfriend—not a mother. Doing some other things (like sleeping/working/living life) would help distract you from your anxiety.

    Give him a break... this isn't acceptable on either end.

    • I really know that this is so much! But how can I prevent myself from caring that much about him?

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    • I'd end it. Forever.

    • Thank you dear!

  • You need to relax, it does sound like you're being a bit manic with texting and ringing him. Back away for a bit, don't call or text him, and let him contact you. You need to give him some space.

    • I understand he wants some space! But how can someone who loves, tell that you are a maniac? Instead of caring or just tell you you have to get some sleep or something!!