I really want a boyfriend?

I know I just became a teenager and all but I really want a boyfriend. I just decided that out of nowhere. But I am not allowed to date and I wasn't planning to, I need to focus on school. But I go through my pinterest, insta, snapchat and tumblr and I see all these couples and why can't I have that. I'm like the only one of my friends that haven't dated anyone (not saying just cause they do I have to)!

But I'm very picky with guys (about 5 guys liked me this year and they weren't good enough). I expect *about 94% of my school has ugly and mean guys*:

~ Nice/Kind
~ Hugs everyday
~ General compliments regularly
~Taller than me
~Exotic eyes like blue, green (I don't really care)
~Likes my family and friends
~Takes me out weekly
~Cuddles me and watches what I want to on Tv

But I get I'm really judgmental, I can't expect guys to be Calvin Kleins cause it wouldn't be really fair the other way if they expected me to be a Victoria Secret Angle.

I don't know what to do?

I also went online and found a lot of websites to make fake boyfriends and yeah it's nice chatting with them (please don't judge or be mean)


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  • Trust me you don't need it and you are still young, i was thinking like you but then changed my mind , your studies are more important, finish them , get a good job then search for a man


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  • You really need to wait until the right guy comes along. Because honey being desperate attracts a lot of fuck boys. And all fuck boys want is sex and to break your heart. So wait for the right guy and do you in the meantime.


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  • Have you tried Walmart? No seriously, in the video game section..

  • So you're high maintenance and entitled.. Good luck finding someone.. I avoid your kind of girl like the black death.

    • So your judgmental and old... good luck getting a life. JK, jk I just got a bit pissed there

    • No offense taken.. I made judgement based only on what you said.. Which honestly does paint you as high maintenance.

      Please prove me wrong. I would rather have accurate information honestly.

      On a side note @Muhammad1999 is absolutely right.

    • yeah i don't know if i'm high maintance

  • I won't fit your list of criteria.

    • Yeah ik, I'm really picky (like with food). And I'm like 17 anyways so yeah.

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    • Yeah it's 17+10, but what's a 10 here or there?

    • lmao sure mate :)

  • Lower your standards if you can't find anyone or wait but time is passing.

  • How attractive would you say you are? tbh I don't think your criteria is even that bad and wouldn't lower your standards unless you think you are average attractiveness cos if 5 guys can't fit it then maybe it's unlikely to happen.

    • I have more guy friends than I have of those who are girls. They don't tell me I am really pretty unless we are having a really deep convo like when they say 'they don't deserve me, I'm a good friend and pretty...'. On my instagram pictures even popular girls comment hearts (idk maybe it's because I once in a while comment on theirs). And 5 guys can't fit. Even if they did they are either too unattractive or already a good friend of mine or really mean.

    • if I interpreted what you just said correctly you sound solid and fairly attractive, in that case your criteria really doesn't seem poor idfk maybe you just have shit options.

    • I don't know maybe I do actually...

  • So the five guys who you rejected didn't buy you enough gifts? Or they just weren't hot enough?

    I don't believe you want a boyfriend. You want an accessory to take Instagram pictures with.

    • not really, i don''t even use instagram

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  • When I was 14 I really wanted a boyfriend too.

    • I got one and it was the worst decision of my life. Focus on school pls.

    • Thanks @talis1