What are your biggest disasters of a date?


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  • I usually go on dinner dates. These are the worst things that have happened to me
    1. We have nothing to talk about
    2. The guy won't shut up
    3. The guy is too self confident or not self confident enough
    4. The guy accepts my offer to pay for my portion
    5. The guy I'm supposed to meet is nothing like I expected

    • So why don't you want to pay for your portion?

    • Oh god let's not start about this I don't want to argue but I think there are some things a guy can do for a woman. I'm sort of old fashioned here and like 9/10 guys are okay with that.

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  • My worst date was a guy who showed up 40 minutes late after "car trouble" then we sit down and he orders a beer and goes to take a drink and spills it all over himself because he was so nervous. Then I find out talking to him is like talking to a wall. It got so irritating that I got fed up with it and just sat there silently to see if he would start talking. He didn't. Then the waiter comes around and I'm thinking "thank god, the check!" And this guy orders another beer. Once the waiter leaves he turns to me and says, "You don't mind, right?" It takes him another hour to finish his beer and at the end of the night I don't know why I'm so polite, but because he had to take an Uber there, I offer to give him a ride home. I honestly didn't think he'd accept. He did. More forced awkward silence as I drive him the 20 minutes home. When we finally get to his place he actually expected me to kiss him. Ha! Noooooooo.

  • My first date WAS a disaster

  • We've nothing to talk about.
    The guy is to shy to open up.


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