Why can't I get over him?

I've had a crush on a guy for over a year at this point. I see him almost every day as I sit next to me in a class. We talk a lot, but I know he isn't interested. Why can't I get over him? In the past I've easily gotten over a guy when I know they aren't interested or have a girl friend. Its making me miserable.


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  • "I see him almost every day as I sit next to me" "Why can't I get over him?", there's your problem right there. You see him everyday, you are reminded of him everyday, which means you can't get over him. I'll give you an example of my life. I fell for a girl... hard, like she was in my dreams and thoughts hard. I sat next to her everyday, I talked to her everyday, hell she even texted me, but I knew she didn't feel the same. As high school came to an end, the only communication I had was social media and texting. With not seeing her everyday, it drastically dropped the amount I liked her. However, TLDR, she hurt me really bad, really really bad, used me etc, and I finally just deleted her and blocked her. It wasn't until then that my healing began.

    Why do I bring up that story? Because outta sight outta mind is the thing. You can't get over him because he is still in your sight, just as the girl I fell for was in mine. Until I dropped her out of my sight, and set my eyes on someone else, was I able to move forward. It will happen with time, don't worry, just stay strong, and know that there is always someone else, always another option, always another path to take.


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