Does my boyfriend want to be non-monogamous?

After having some issues with my boyfriend about how he shouldn't be liking other girls' sexy pics he told me he would stop and I caught him doing it again and when I brought up the fact that it makes me feel like he doesn't want to be monogamous, he started ranting onto me about how it's either a fantasy and people fantasize about flying and that's considered okay. Or that he doesn't have a chance with them because they're too far away.

But recently, I had a suspicion that he was doing it again so when I had some free time, I went onto some hot chicks' IG (and now you can search for people who liked what) and I found a user, that was private, but a similar spelling to his IG that I know. I made a fake account (with the new switch users feature) and followed him and saw he was following literally everyone I asked him to unfollow that was making me doubt his monogamy commitment.

I tried bringing up the fact that I sometimes feel he doesn't want to be monogamous and he gets super defensive. I have zero problem with being in a non-monogamous relationship (I think monogamy is kinda ehhhh anyways, we can check out and desire others but as soon as we bang them, we're bad people?) As long as we're open and honest about it.

My question is, do you think he wants to be monogamous? Should I dump him for not being honest with me? Like, I depend on him for a lot of things and I really do enjoy being around him, but it just kills me that I feel like he's not being honest.


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  • I think you're the sneaky one.
    You're the one prying into his private life. Telling him what to do, what not to do. You don't trust him. You're the one making problems and inventing reasons to get mad at him.

    You should defiantly dump him. He deserves better than all that bullshit.

    • Not inventing problems. If they want a monogamous relationship, they want 100% lol not some fantasy settle game.

    • *I not they, wow, it's late lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Well you need to have that out with him as if he respects you he wouldn't keep doing it knowing it bothers you. As for the monograms thing, think it's more a case of he wants to flirt etc act single, whichever but doesn't want you which is why he won't go for it