What should I do?

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I have been hanging out with this girl a lot lately and i'm thinking i was moving towards dating her she goes out with me multiple times a week to dinner and lunch and paying for each other she is always buying things for me she has become very close with my family we cook together at my house once a week and she has agreed to go to a concert and a party with me as my plus one also she has been saying a lot of things to me lately that made me think she liked me back but i was with her the other day and she said that this guy was coming into town and asked her for drinks i know this guy they have hooked up in the past multiple times and even though he treats her like shit she always goes out with him i said well why dont we go out on Saturday and she just changed the subject i think i'm done but now she is part of my life and i dont know how to wean myself off of her i've fallen pretty hard for her and i'm hurt should i just cut communication for a while or what I feel like a fool


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  • Hm, why aren't y'all official yet? That's the real question. If she's gonna disrespect you like that, then let her know what's up. You need to take control. And if she thinks that this is "fine" for her to do, then fuck somebody else. If you claim that she's slept with this dude before more than once and he wants to have drinks with her, than that's really sketchy. I'd be so upset, so I feel you. But if she's gonna disrespect you like that, even if she told you, then you don't need her. Drop her like a bad habit. Bc that's not fare to you. That's kinda like cheating in front of you, but y'all don't have a title. And she knows that upsets you too. That's kinda strange. She prob has feelings for this dude still and the dick prob to good for her to leave & they obviously aren't "friends" if he treats her like shit. He's prob using her for sex. Don't worry about it. I say, you man up and you tell her like it is or fuck somebody else. Lmfao


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