Help, I need some advice?

So there's this guy I have a major crush on. I messaged awhile ago, and we talked for maybe a week until we decided to meet in person. He picked me up, we went for ice cream. But it felt all so rushed. He messaged an hour after he dropped me back off saying he has a great time. Everything was going fine until we made plans for another "date". When the day of our date came, he went MIA. I wasn't mad because he has major anxiety and depression. He ignored me for days after that. Then he told me how he wasn't looking for a relationship and how self-conscious he is. But while we were talking he told me how pretty I am, and complimenting me. He was even making future plans for homecoming with me. Now he won't even message me back.

This happened in the course of a month.

I need advice! What should I do?


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  • Have you watched Ask Kimberly :/ ?

    • I haven't!

    • DO THAT SHIT, AND DO IT NOW :* Love yah XD
      (Ik who this is XD for all those peeps out there reading this)

  • lol he's probably fucking around with someone else or he has major insecurities. If he's gonna keep doing this to you, drop him. Nobody is worth you stressing over. And high school relationships really don't last. So have fun, trust me

  • he needs to make up his mind instead of giving you false hope

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