What exactly does "asking someone out" mean to you?

I have always been confused with this because it can mean two things
1) Boyfriend/girlfriend
2) Date

If it was a date then why don't they say "Wanna go out to the movies?" instead of "Do you wanna go out with me?"
I'm so confused, help...

  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Going out on a date
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  • It depends on the word's and what is being said. If a guy says lets Netflix and chill I take that as a date where he might try to make a move on you to make out and have sex. If a guy says let's go to the movies I take that as a date. The only way I see the boyfriend thing happening is with a lot of dates or if a guy be like hey do you want to be my girlfriend. If he asks directly.

    • Yeah that's what I though; some guys say "Hey do you want to go out with me?" and I hesitate a bit because I'm not sure if he means a date or relationship, always have to ask what they mean

    • Yes that is true. If a guy say hey let's go out it can mean anything. But yeah asking what they want to do is a good idea. But you have to be cute and desirable if guy's are asking you out. So that is a good thing.

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