Is he stringing me along?

I've been talking to this guy for a few months he always calls and texts first, we've been on a few dates but it's kinda awk. He never really wants to hangout, like EVER he always finds an excuse... I haven't slept with him, but we've made out a couple times. He isn't really affectionate but he always says he likes me but he wants to take things slow.


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  • It's very odd he never wants to hang out. Why is it always him that texts/calls first? I don't think he's stringing you along but he's got some issue for sure. Maybe afraid of being hurt? Trying talking to him about it. It's awkward because nobody is communicating, you might have to be the one to start it.

    • We've talked about it and he says he'll change and he doesn't, then I'll end up telling him we're better off as friends and stop talking to him. But then a few days later he'll text and start being all flirty again and of course I fall for it again because I have feelings for him 🙄 Ugh.

    • hmmm, well then yes he might be. You have to stop talking to him and keep it that way. He'll like the fact that you like him so why not "keep you around" if you keep initiating it. Doesn't sound like he has any "real" interest in you though.

  • He wants you as his backup. He's looking for something - or more specifically someone - else, but in case nothing comes along he wants you for his backup.


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