What do I do about this guy?

I had a crush on this guy I saw at a party, we got talking through Facebook after and things went well and we met up.
When I got home after meeting him he texted me saying 'text me when you get home", we texted abit on that day but haven't heard from him in a week now.
What I do know is he isn't a player type and quite a shy guy in general

  • Give it a chance he could be busy
  • Move on
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  • Have you thought about texting him and seeing what's he's up to? I mean you do have his number. Have you initiated any of the texts or contact with him or has he been doing all the initiating? If the latter, maybe he's testing you to see if you are actually interested enough in him to text him or initiate things with him.

  • Give it a chance. Don't wait for him. He might think because he hasn't heard anything from you that you're not interested anymore.

  • text him and find out whats up.


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