Guys call me beautiful, hot etc but I have never had a boyfriend, what is wrong with me?

I am 19 about to be 20 years old and i have never had a boyfriend - for that matter i have never had sex before either ( I am not the type of girl who sleeps around and I am waiting for a relationship).

Guys say I am beautiful, stunning, hot etc and are shocked to find out i have never had a boyfriend before. I am reserved and quiet but not stuck up or bitchy in any way - I have insecurities aswell. I am actually very down to earth and always put other people before myself. I feel i have a "resting bitch face" which does not help me at all as I am a very gentle person. I would also say I am emotionally intelligent and mature for my age.

I seem to attract the player guys and it is making it hard for me to find a decent guy. When guys try to pursue me, it ends up failing (predominately I think because the guy is not looking for a relationship)..

Are guys intimidated to date a "pretty" girl? Would guys prefer to date someone who is less attractive than they are - or is this only the case for guys who are somewhat insecure?

Any advice would be great! :) xxxxx


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  • Pretty or not pretty doesn't really matter.

    My mom was very beautiful when she was young and guys asked her out all the time. She is not old, grey haired lady in a wheelchair, and guys ask her out all the time.

    There is one thing that attracts a good man more than anything else. And when I say a good man, I do not mean a player or a whimp. I mean a man of value, who vales himself, values you and is a good protector/provider.

    If you want to attract good men, let them know that what they do makes you happy. You do not have to be a happy person all the time, but you need to show good men that THEY and what they DO make you happy. It will start with very little things and build, but if you can consistently make men feel like what they are doing is making you happy, you will have no problem finding a good relationship.

    You should see the men line up to get my mom a cup of coffee at church. Why? Because everyone of them feels great about themselves when they are around her. There is no gesture too small that my mom will not show you how happy it makes her.

    Hope that helps

  • A lot of great guys do avoid the over the top hotter girls simply because of too much competition. Lots of girls bounce form guy to guy and we see that. Nobody wants to take the risk to ask you out only to date until the next alpha meat head comes along. That is how some of use feel. Also, you may have a high maintenance look that you aren't aware of. I am not saying you bounce around or are high maintenance, but just saying looks can say a lot and give a guy the wrong impression.

  • first things first, don't worry someone will come along, guys like sweet girls, especially the reserved and quiet ones. You just need to put yourself out there more, talk to more people, get to know some nice guys.


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