Is there any country where guys seeking for taller girls?

I am 6ft tall girl and especially intrested in little shorter guys. I dont know why it sounds weird but it is me :D Unfortunatelly most guys in States prefer girls shorter than them but I saw many questions about Swedish and Scandinavian men that they prefer girls taller than them so I guess it is cultural thing
Is there any country or culture where guys especially seek for taller girls? (Taller than them)

Up guys?


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  • I can speak for Sweden
    Yes me and all of my male friends have a thing for taller girls :D They are x10 more attractive if they are taller than us. Height is an attractive trait so why prefering shorter girl? It is similar to prefering fat girls :D I am not short but around 185 so unfortunatelly I can not able to find taller girls :(
    I wouldn't reject any girl only because she is shorter than me though unless she is too short like under 170 or something


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  • Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland I can say
    Since women are biologically shorter than men, being a short girl must be suck in these countries. Luckily I live in States where petite is prefered :D


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  • I don't think there is a country where guys prefer taller girls. However, you will find someone that has a preference for taller girls :)
    I am a spaniard living in Germany and nor here or in Spain people prefer girls taller than them. But for example I want to find someone taller than me as I just feel atracted to taller girls... I wish there were more girls like you around

  • Woah a taller woman that likes shorter men? How short do you like your man? (As a short guy I am rather intrigued haha).

  • I only know of the ones you already mentioned, it's usually like that in most cultures wanting the woman to be smaller

    • Well I'm 5'10" is that short enough for you? And I'm in the states but I never knew a girl that wanted a guy shorter than than them so I never considered it but I'm sure there are a few guys would

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