Is it my fault that I can't get a date?

So I dont take it very seriously, but its a bit hard to ignor.
Im on a dating app and i seem to get many matches, and often messages,. The few times the messages actually are from guys im attracted to its always fun and exciting to start with. and in the beginning they guy seems to be very into talking to me. When i feels like it going well or okay, its often that they suddenly lose interest.

I lose interest too if the conversation isn't up tp part, but it happens quite a lot and its a bit hard to not feel like its because im uninteresting. Im sure im not the only girl they message, but it sucks that I can't get a date. Because it seems like im really uniteresting, and it does make me feel like shit It doent matter if i make an effort to aks questions, joke around or anything like that, the guy often seem to lose interest.

Is it my fault? what can i do to at least get one date? I honestly though that getting a date on an app would be easier than i real life, but apparantly not


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  • The problem with dating apps is people use them for hook ups and people are essentially small, little, insignificant advertisements in an ocean of small, little, insignificant advertisements. A fairly handsome guy is probably attracting interest from lot's of women which makes finding a guy harder as the guys you probably go for are sought after commodities.

    Dating apps are not something I would use when looking to find dates.

    • yeah, you're right. And im only using it because i can't get a date irl, if it was easy for me to meet guys i like that also like me i wouldn't be on them. On the apps its the same thing as in real life, the guys that actually make an effort and approach me are guys im not attracted to.

    • Your best bet is to use an official dating site like Match or eHarmony.

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  • it sounds like the problem is you are fishing in the wrong waters

    guys on dating apps are mainly trying to fuck. you may have a great personality and be interesting and all that jazz, but if you dont seem desperate and easy to bed, the guys won't be talking to you long bc their main goal is sex anyway.

    there probably isn't anything wrong with you, you're just running into guys who want girls who are desperate for sex and male attention, but you are just too good of a woman


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  • if the girl expects the guys to do everything, than your never going to have anyone, and girls always keep doing that shit. guys want girls who show interest and take initiative, and take things serious, plus it depends on the guys you go for too.

    • When I do show interest guys dont seem to be interested. So from experience guys who dont approach aren't interested or very shy. And I go for the guys i find attractive, if i find that they aren't very nice people or we want different thing i dont approach them anymore

    • guys dont show interest because girls tend to lose interest too easy, guys hate that because its too common, plus when guys are shy girls judge us as unattractive, and expect the guy to be someone else, when a girl opens up and does things to show she actually wants him by keeping him and being with him a lot shy guys eventually open up, its called trust and girls can't ever be trusted.

  • I would date you if I was there, you are talking with the wrong guys. Anyway dating apps sucked for me too, live dating is way easier. Just go out with friends of friends, clubs, places of interest of common sports stuff etc

    • I try not to take it personal, but its hard to to ask "why?" when it happens to often. I would love to "live date", but i rarely meet guys im interested in. I go out, i go to the gym (two different once actually), i joined a fotball team, but so far no good. A part of me is very patient and knows i'll meet a guy someday, but another part me feels like it must be something "wrong" with me, and that it should be THAT hard to get a date with a guy im attracted to

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    • Thanks! good to know im not the only one who has it like this, it often feels like it, haha. And you live in Europe? you're profile says you live in the US

    • I created this profile on a hurry, only my age is real here everything else is set as default

  • That's very normal for dating sites/apps. Which site/app, and how long have you been using it?

    • i have tried tinder and badoo, this time around for about 2-3 weeks. But i have used them before for longer periods and all in all i got 2 dates out of them. All togheter i used to for at leats a year

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    • i know its nothing, but i have been on it for as long as 3 months with no luck either, and i moved since then

    • I agree; I've had that happen as well. If I'm on a site/app for three months with no results, it's probably time to move on to something else.

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