I'm too shy to get girls?

I'm 19 and in college and it feels like girls hate me because I'm shy. Although some may think I'm cute, but that don't mean ANYTHING. It seems it's true that girls do go for "jerks" because that's what I've seen. Even if they aren't considered "jerks", they guys got all the jokes, looks, and "SWAG" that still get the girls. I go to the gym, I'm a nice person, & play the piano but it still hasn't done anything to get me girls. I'm shy and have social anxiety so it's like I have a disease and the looks that I get from girls proves it. To be real, I'm not a funny guy, good-looking, or "SWAG" so I'm doomed for life. Even the ones that play sports get all the girls too. I literally freeze whenever I do interact with girls and it never goes well and feel likes kicking myself in the private area whenever I come out of the disaster. So what is there left for me to do so that I don't become a 40-year old virgin in the future?


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  • Some girls like me prefers good looking or jerks but not all the time and not all the girls. Every girl has her own type. I will prefer a not shy guy if I'm already a shy person. I think shy guys are cute too.
    What will matter to me the most is how the guy is treating me not his outlooks.
    There is something special in each and every person and nobody is perfect.
    If a guy is good looking or jerk and not treating me well I will not be happy with him.
    If it didn't work out with some girls doesn't mean that it won't work with any girl.
    There must be someone who will like you for who you are.
    You need to make a girl feel special to get her attention.
    And you can also try to improve on your looks a bit may be since you're going to gym.
    KEEP TRYING. Avoid feeling bad if things doesn't work out the way you wanted them to be. You need to build up your self confidence. THINK POSITIVE. It will take time so have Patience and NEVER GIVE UP.


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  • You're not shy, you have social anxiety, you said so yourself. If you were just a normal shy guy in college you would eventually get in contact with girls and inevitably some would like you (though you may not always like them back). You should do something about that social anxiety because otherwise you'll always be at the mercy of the most desperate girls.


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  • they get the girls Cuz they're confident

  • He was a megalomaniac, for he thought they hated him, when they simply didn't know him.