Can good things come out of a breakup? Have you had any good experiences with reconnecting after time apart?


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  • Yes, a relationship may not have brought you what you did want, but it can teach you what you don't want.

    Sometimes time apart can make you realise just how important someone is to you. It can help you to see their value, and just how much they enrich your life. Their absence can help you appreciate their presence more

    • What do you think is an acceptable amount of time to spend apart? I know that's kinda hard to say

    • It is difficult to say, but I think it's important to still keep in contact if possible , and not see other people during your time apart.

      If two people are apart then the more chance there is of feelings fading... If they have no contact at all

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • No, not personally. All that really happens is that time lets you forgot all the bad stuff that was going on, and if you try to re-connect things will be different for awhile sure. All you end up remembering is the good stuff, then when you get back together while you both might try harder for a month of three to be better things always tend to slip back to where they were.


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