Wondering why she didn't text back?

Been seeing a girl for almost two months. We started seeing each other in the summer before she started graduate school. When grad school started getting hard she started not being as fun because of how stressed out she is. After her big test Friday she texted me saying what she made with a smiley face. I texted back Good with a smiley. I have not heard back since. I always try to mirror the other person so I don't seem either over eager or not interested. I feel I haven't done anything wrong here. I'm wondering if she's pissed because that's all I said? That was Friday around 3 and now it's Sunday at 6


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  • There could be a whole host or reasons as to why she didn't text back tbh. You need to call her and speak to her and make plans to see each other.

  • You're overthinking this

    • When she usually texts back within an hour?

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    • Ok thanks so much, she even said before she doesn't like being like this. I hardly ever get stressed so I appreciate it.

    • No problem 😊

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