Girls: How would you react if a random guy started making funny faces at you?

You were out worrying about your business ( school, work, mall, restaurant) and a guy that was near you started making silly faces at you. He would look at you with a smile and move his eyebrows. He would also cross his eyes and stick his tongue out. How would you feel? Would be creep out or ok with it?

BQ: if he was extremely attractive, would it be ok with you and how would you respond?


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  • I'm a childish person so I would just laugh and stare, he would probably come closer after a while haha

    • Me too, I would smile and start laughing excpecially if he's very attractive and around my age group.

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  • That's creepy.. and pretty immature. If he was interested in you he should have approached you like a normal person.