How do you know if you are truly unhappy with the person your with?

Questions up there! Anyone really knew when they were truly unhappy with your SO or ex? how do you know? Do you stop looking at them the same? Do you not feel the same? Do you just not wanna be around them? What were the sympotons and feelings that made you not want to hold on anymore?


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  • It's often little things that just become unbearable. I've seen couples break up because of the way the toilet paper is placed in the roller.


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  • Well I knew I was unhappy with my ex when he started paying less attention to me. We were together for 4 years and last couple of months of our relationship he was just so distant. He wanted to do other things rather then hang out with me and he wasn't pursuing any plans we had for the future. I missed him terribly, I missed the old him. I missed our long cuddles, dates, sweet words, feelings wanted and valuated, etc. He was often not in the mood for sex either... It was killing me. I was truly unhappy. And when I talked to him about it, he broke up with me. He told me he's not in love with me anymore...

  • When you get home, are you excited to see him/her?
    Do you miss him/her when he/she is not around?
    Do you find yourself thinking of someone else more than him/her?
    Could you handle him/her dating someone else?
    When he/she goes to touch you, do you want to pull away?
    Do enjoy sitting down and having indepth conversations with him?
    Can he/she easily put a smile on your face?

    If you are answering no more than once, maybe you need to take a harder look at your relationship...

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