Add her on facebook or forgot?

Hey there. If you have important stuff to do, do that first. There are more important stuff that this question

I recently went to a girls volleyball game because my brother is coach there. On the out-team was a cute girl who I made eye-contact with. From the first time on she was looking at me every chance she got in between the points of the game. We had quick glances of eye-contact like 20 times or so.
I'm not sure if she was giving me wtf-don't-look-at-me-faces because she wasn't really smiling... But then again, she was looking at me more that I was looking at her tbh.

My parents were there too so that would've been awkward asking her out after the game.

Now, there's no way I can known her name but I'm about 70% sure I found her on Facebook while going through the likes of the Facebook volleyball page. We have no mutual friends. I feel I could come across as creepy if I add her (and finding her in the first place lol). Should I do it or go with the "enough fish in the sea" and forget her?

Thanks for reading through this all :))


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  • Add her! why not? you have nothing to lose and life is too short to over think everything!


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  • You can add her, try to talk to her.
    but just dont get any expectations man.

  • I don't use facebook anyone but from my past experiences I'd say don't add her yet , it doesn't appear you even know her and she might wonder how you found her if you didn't even talk to her or knew her name.
    I'd try and talk to her in person somehow first before making an attempt at adding her

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