Do you think that white girls would like to date or make a relationship with Middle Eastern men?

I am a Middle Eastern man. I am asking this quesion because I am curious and I am into white girls.


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  • Physically I think middle eastern men can be very attractive. Culturally and religiously is where I might have a problem.


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  • Yes. Just yes. Middle Eastern men are the most attractive to me in complexion and in physique. But then again, I'm not really white...

    • Thanks, but it's hard to make a relationship with a white girl coz they don't really trust us..

    • So true!!! I am actually black, white, and Asian, BUT I lived in Jordan for a year before coming back to England... people were REALLY judgy about it and they called me a terrorist and such. It bothered me at first, and I fought them on it, but it brought nothing but bad things. So I just learned to be tolerant and not pay attention to the haters. I'm so sorry some people don't trust you solely based on your race love. I've even had that problem with some of my mates recently... oh well. Stupid stereotypes. -_- Stay strong love!!!

    • Thanks for that..

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