Girls, What will you feel if a guy you like didn't text you for a day or two?

Let's say there is this guy you like, there was couple of time that he texted you first but then he stopped texting you maybe a day or two maybe an entire week, what will you think or feel when he didn't text you?

-Do you wait for him until his next text or you will text him immediately?
-Will you start to lose interest if he didn't text you for a few days or maybe a week or two?
-What will you do?

Extra Question: Let say the guy you like, texted you and the conversation between you and him are dull and the questions that he asked might not be funny or anything, will you start to lose interest or will you like him for who he is?

P. S: Why do girls don't take turns to text a guy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • This all depends on the type of relationship I have with the guy.

    In the beginning stages of dating, I'd expect him to at least put in some effort to reach out first. Only because I am a big believer that if a guy is truly into you, he'd find a way to show it.

    For example, I was out on a date just this weekend. In my mind, the date went well, but haven't heard back from him in 2 days so I am assuming he didn't feel it. And its time to move on.

    Every now and then, I would make an effort to reach out but if it isn't reciprocated back or if he just ignores it then I wouldn't waste my time sulking


What Girls Said 2

  • The less contact I have with someone the more likely my feelings will fade, and I lose interest.

    If he just intentionally ignored me then I'd just cut contact. I'd assume he felt indifferent towards me or playing mind games.

    I just distance myself from a guy if he doesn't make an obvious effort to be part of my life. I'd never make an effort if he wasn't

  • Assuming we aren't in a relationship yet, If he's gone all of sudden then I'd get upset and eventually lost interest. Even if he ever comes back, he better has a good explanation on that matter.

    If we are in an exclusive relationship, I'll call or text him asking if everything alright.