Is it normal to feel this way about this woman?

Ok, there is this woman in my sociology class. She always looks nice, well combined, beautiful and classy. She is very focused in class and participates the most. Anyway, I noticed most of us guys in class like her but none of us approach because she's somehow intimidating. I mean she don't talk to no body except the girl that sits next to her, looks at no one when she walks into class, seems quiet... why do I feel this way about this woman (intimidated), is it normal to feel this way?


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  • She appears closed off, that's why you consider her intimidating.


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  • She clearly has her act together. She is confident, knows what she wants and is in general doing pretty good. When compared to some insecure girl, it not strange that this can be a bit intimidating.

    I personally find this very attractive. I love it when a women has it all figured out and knows what she wants. Love works best when two independent people choose to be together, instead of needing each other to survive.

    • I really don't know how to read this woman. I found out she has no boyfriend & is not married. I don't get why she is so cold, doesn't look at anyone, speaks to no one (only when she has to during class & is most of the time correct). She seems ok to be that way... I just don't know why is she so intimidating... why? What makes her so intimidating? Anyway, thanks for your opinion, you got it right!

    • It sounds like she only does things to a purpose. Like you said, she doesn't look at or speak with anyone. Even in class she only talks when she has to. She is very methodical and seems very certain in everything she does.

      It is intimidating because she give you the feeling she has it all figured out. She isn't showing her vulnerable side, which not many people manage to do.

      Of course, this is only an interpretation of what you told me. I could be wrong since I have never met her (obviously haha)

  • If you're not normally intimidated I'd say it's her demeanor. If she's not exceptionally physically attractive compared to other women, then it's a mix of you seeing other guys get intimidated by her and her seemingly standoff ish attitude. Not talking to anyone except the person next to you is common. Guys not talking to a pretty girl out of fear is also common. It's easy to be effected by your environment if you let it.

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