5 amazing dates in, now she is busy (she mentioned beforehand), is she blowing me off?

We are in our mid twenties, living in a conservative culture. We met through an online app.
We went out on 5 dates, which are great, she always invade my personal space and bumps me, move her face close, gave me compliments and gifts, initiate texts, offers to pay for dinner and told me she has no interest talking to other guys... etc

She mentioned beforehand to me that once her master degree starts she is going to be very busy (she is also working full time), especially when there is an upcoming group project.
When her school starts, I asked her out, she said she may not make it that week (writing a lengthy response) and said she would let me know when she is free.

A week after that, I contact her and she found time to go for dinner with me again (which was the 5th date), she was enthusiastic when she see me, and I saw sparkles in her eyes like she has found treasure. She initiate text when she got back home, and initiate again the next day to flirt a bit.

A week later, I ask her out again, she told me she had to work hard on said project and would let me know when free. After the project was done, I asked her out for Monday she told me she had to celebrate birthday for her friend that day and will need to work hard on writing a follow up report for the project and continue discussion of the report with the group for the week, and said "May I let you know later when I am available haha". She still respond to text quickly and flirt just like since the beginning.

Whats your opinion on this? Thanks guys!

TL;DR: 5 great dates in which she showed interests, she warned me beforehand that her master degree is going to make her very busy, she still went out again with me after that, but later as her project starts she is busy for whole weeks, and said she would let me know when she is available.

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  • She told you before that she's gonna be busy. What else is a girl supposed to do to say "i do want you, but sometimes I might not have a l


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