Should I tell my feelings?

This guy confessed to me but isn't looking for a relationship as he said.. so I declined. Few months have passed since then. can't tell if he is serious though he asked what if he seriously go for me. Sources said he is a player. Now, I've been thinking to say my feelings coz I like him but I know he could just be playing. Besides, he goes to me secretly while his friend shows interest to me. Meaning he is helping this other guy but at the same time goes for me. Opinions anyone?


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  • Give him the booty see how it goes...

  • Wait, I'm confused.

    So, dude basically told you "Hey, I'm really into you, but I don't want a relationship. I just wanna fuck".

    Ladies, if a guy tells you this, please don't think he means something else. If you're down with some straight fuckin', then by all means, get it on. But don't think you're going to make him fall in love with you.

    • He said he broke off with his ex and isn't ready. to start a new one which l know it means something else. Thanks for the heads up!

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  • ... This guy confessed to me but isn't looking for a relationship as he said...
    He has told you his own Honest John truth and with this Being said, forget Telling him Anything.
    You both are Not apparently even Dating so either be friends, or See if you Can get something Going and Flowing with 'His friend,' who Seems to Show more 'Interest in me.'
    Good luck. xx

    • The guy other is opposite, really sweet and shy type. But I just am not attracted.
      Even though this guy I like could be a fling, I don't want to coz as they say he is a player. Im confuse Lol.

    • Regardless of what, he is being an honest guy in telling you his own intentions. However, you say you are Not attracted to him. Stay friends. What about his interested friend? xx

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