I recently had some kind of feelings for my best friend (a guy), has this already happened to you (please explain below)?

I've been best friends for 4 years at university with a guy who i was in high school with. Recently when we were drunk we hugged and kissed on the cheek saying thank you to each other to be there and stuff, how much we "love" each other. I felt something different than usual and i thing i could have feelings for him. How do i handle this?

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  • I think every girl goes through a phase in life when she has "more then a friend" feeling for her best guy friend.

  • Yes. We had a complicated relationship. It didn't work out. now we don't really talk any more.
    We also don't live in the same city any more.

    • Wow, that's sad.. Sorry for you xx

  • it's like the Trey Songz song "can't be friends"