More often than not, if things don't go past the first or second date, most of the time it's because the girl loses interest instead of the guy?

Thats what it seems like from my observation, whenever a guy and girl start seeing each-other, in terms of establishing a relationship together, becoming a couple, if things don't end up transitioning into a relationship, most of the time it seems it's because the girl doesn't want to take things further instead of the guy, it's because the girl ends up no longer being interested, why is this usually the case?


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  • Women are more demanding when it comes to dating and relationships. Males are way more easy and they get easily impressed by a pretty face and a fit body.

    • or, its because men are shamed for having high standards.

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    • so you think it's only nature that guys have to make more of a good impression on the first few dates than the girl does?

    • nature? many different species have different behavior patterns but within our own species, women in rome and spain are like the men in america. The roles are different in different societies

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  • Probably because guys do most of the chasing and pursuing in the early stages of the dating process