What's going on with him?

This is the situation. I've been single for 3 years. Back in July a friend set one of her husband's friends up with my online dating profile and we have been messaging ever since. Over time it got more flirty, more banter etc. And I just really enjoyed the chat.

The guy is only just out of a long-term relationship which ended around May time. He has a son from this relationship. I suffered a bad family bereavement during our summer chat and he was amazing. I've tried to give him a lot of space and he asks me when I'm free so we can meet up... but it never happens.

I'm happy to give him time and space but I do worry it may be for nothing. This weekend I asked if we'd be awkward meeting up in person. He thinks if he has a few drinks he'll be ok. But nothing definite yet. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated - does he like me? Is he shy? Is he not wanting to rush after the break up?


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  • If I ever try dating online my 100% motive is to stop talking online, stop random texting and meet-up asap. This seems pretty strange to me personally.

    • Yeah it's not normal for me! But because of my bereavement I was out of it for a month, and then I just feel like he's nervous.

    • Yeah it sounds like he's nervous, I suppose you just need to push the subject a little more, with-in reason of course. But make it known its pretty important if any of what you are doing is going to continue.

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