Should I even prepare for the 2nd date?

So I met this girl off of match and we've been talking for about 10 days. We eventually went on a first date. She was really trying to see me a day before our scheduled date because apparently she went on a failed date the night before. Well it seemed like we hit it off and agreed to go on our scheduled date the next night. After the first date she texted me thanks and what not. She also sent me pics of her in bed and gave me a kissy emoji. I gave her one back.

The next morning she texted me right away. Saying good morning and stuff. I then told her I made reservations for us at 7 and she was perfectly fine with that. About two hours before our date, I texted her and told her I moved the reservations to 7:30. I was running late from work. She said she had to cancel because her head hurt. I told her okay and asked her if she wanted to come over for a dinner date on Friday. She said she would love to.

Fast forward a day and now she hid her dating profile and I haven't heard from her since (which is ok. It's been 24 hrs). Does it seem that she's not interested?


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  • It seems a bit strange she would blow you off after talking for so long and being so keen to see you again... If you have her number you could always flick her a text and just ask if you guys are still on for Friday.

  • Yes, I think she probably changed her mind.


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