How do I talk to my crush when every time I try to I start trembling and struggling to breathe?

Silly question, I know, but it's harder than one might think.
I first noticed him when I saw that he'd stare at me every so often in class. That's when the shy exchange of quick glances between us began. Anyway, we're a fair deal into the semester so it's not like the first couple weeks where everyone introduces themselves to everyone.
I'm also pretty shy and just by nature not super confident. Plus, to top it all off, my body always decides to fail me whenever I'm near him. Any advice?


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  • I used to be the same way around the girl I liked. But from what you're saying here, it sounds like he has eyes for you too. My advice would be to focus on the positive signs you're getting. Trust me, it makes it a lot easier.

    Furthermore, don't approach him thinking, "What if?" "What if he doesn't like me? What if he laughs at me when I tell him how I feel about him?" What if he likes you too and you let him slip away. I made that mistake in high school and I told myself never to think that way again. The next time I approached a girl I was interested interested in, I went in nervous and shaking for sure, but focusing on the positives and thinking about the best outcome. That girl is now my fiancée.

    Just tell yourself that if this works, it could turn out great. And if you think "what if?" make it "what if this turns out great?"

    • I've never thought about that! Thinking about the positive "what if"'s...
      Thank you, you've definitely given me a bit of a confidence booster. I think I'm actually ready to go for it now :)
      (Oh, and congratulations by the way!)

    • Anything I can do to help. Hope everything goes well for you! :)

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  • You should realize that your crush isn't special. He's a human-being just like you. You should stop idealizing him so much in your head.

    • Haha believe me, I'm trying. For some reason I always seem to put my crush on a pedestal :P

    • And you know, that's natural. Because to you he is special and he isn't like everyone else.

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