Could this have scared him away or hurt his feelings?

I got close with a friend at college and he really liked me. He'd talk all the time about plans we could to together and me meeting his siblings and friends. Finally he asked me out and we went on my first date ever. My parents are super sheltering and would freak out if they knew I was on a date, so I hid it from them and I mentioned this to him.
I realized maybe it hurt his feelings that he likes me enough to have me meet his family, and I wouldn't even tell my parents about him.
do you think it could have?


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  • Mhmm yea it could have.

    Personally, if a girl wouldn't let me meet her parents, I would assume that she is not that interested in me longterm and doesn't want her parents thinking "oh another guy..."

    I mean if I was not aware of your situation, I would not stick around for much longer either.

    Not all guys are like this though.

    • what should I do? I have talked about him to my parents but just said he's a friend. I'd obviously tell them if it got serious though.
      should I ask him if it worries him and try to put him at ease?

    • Mhmm to be honest you're treading on air now. If you call him "friend" around your parents... you might as well set a nail in your coffin. The same applies if your parents refer to him as your "friend". Most guys (and girls) run as fast as possible when their romantic interest calls them a friend.

      I also would not try to explain to him that you are calling him a friend around your parents. Not only will that make him truly think he is just a friend but it will also make him think you are leading him on/manipulating him, etc. That's why the way I would think because I've been in all sorts of situations where girls would make up all sorts of stories just to keep me as "an option".

      You're in a tough situation, I'll be honest. You could shoot yourself in the foot literally any moment. I would highly suggest you tell your parents now because you are trying to please both parties... but in the end all you are going to do is cook yourself.

  • Yes. He feels he cares more for you than you do for him


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  • Did he ever told you that you hurt his feelings? Why did you assume that?

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