My boyfriend has retired. He's in his late to early forties and he's the guy that has actually quit his job and told his job he will never work again?

So boyfriend is this guy. He is the guy that really will not work again and really just wants to know what will happen to you.

If I really want to know what happens to someone, should I trust someone that just has it happen to him or not? Is that my choice?

Wow. My questions do not make sense. :)
So to all admins out there, if you have an @ by your name and you see these thread, then I ask, please delete this thread.

Delete it for it being beyond dumb. It is dumb and should not exist. So if it should not exist, just remove it. That will be satisfactory for many people, if you just remove it.

Just saying... remove it...


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  • I can hide the question for you but whether the admins permanently remove it or not is not up to me.


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  • What do you mean? Could you rephrase your question?

    • I wish. I think I am too drunk and I do not think I can make sense.

      I personally wish this whole thread would just disappear into a big black hole. :) I would love that. :) :) :)

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  • I don't understand your question...

    • I think that will be the common reaction. I really do not think my question actually makes sense, unfortunately...:(

  • Some men can retire early if financially fit to do so... so is this a concern of yours. ?

    • Apparently so... though my question makes absolutely no sense...

      I guess my question is more, what should I do with a guy that does not need to work? Exactly what should I do with him? Just wondering...

      If I need to work but he does not... what exactly do we do with each other? Just wondering?

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    • As for my boyfriend, he has saved enough to take care of himself and maybe to take care of me. He actually worked a few years longer to take care of me.

      My boyfriend, though he is retiring, he is not planning on spending a lot on another person. If anything, he is actually planning on spending very little on another person... I am the exception.

      I really do not know what to do with being the exception... what do I do with that?

    • Asker... ok , well... then you'll have to find balance somehow with what you have to work with or ; plan ahead what your future holds otherwise for your self. If you have to work for the things you like , then you must do that. Unfortunately... for women today for some , that is ; women groups have really ruined it for the woman as well , and some men will not support women anylonger like before. I certainly am (not ) affected by this , although most men are. so just saying though. So being the exception, I would plan on being the (exceptional) instead. The key here for you is.. balance

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