How can I win this girl back?

4 years ago this girl and I became super close after sitting next to each other in like almost all our classes. We would talk pretty much all day and everyone at our school thought we should've gotten together and that we both liked each other. Outside of school we would have a lot of clubs in common and for one in particular, we would see each other outside of school and would hang out @these events. We would also text FaceTime basically whenever and it carried on into the summer after that school year. We became really close but unfortunately we didn't have any classes together the next year. For the first month of school she would flirt with me whenever we would see each other in the hallways. Eventually huge rumors circulated throughout our small school and where ever we would go all we would hear about is how we should get togehtor and back in younger grades that was a big deal as many of you know. It kinda got to both of us and we continuesd to text all the time but stopped talking out at all just so we wouldn't get the annoyance of hearing about it. After a few months we stopped texting and our closeness ended and it was basically like it never happened. eventually told her how I felt and she told me she saw me as a friend Iheard from her friends she said to them," I think I like him but Iam not sure"The following year we again didn't have any classes and things continued as usual with us not talking pretty much at all. And the year following that we went to different schools but I would still see her at local eventsThings were a lot less awkward and we would make small talk and I tried not to fall for her again. Now we R talking more at stuff and in the coming month our church youth group will be having lots of stuff and we will see each other like multiple times a week and I wonder if I can make another shot at us. I may just be crazy, but I can't let go of her and have tried to convince myself that Iam. we were young and I wana give it another shot, thoughts?


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  • The problem is that you didn't make a MOVE on her by asking her out. She probably felt that you "friend zoned" her after all that time and effort that you guys have spent together. You should definitely ASK her to go out to coffee at a Starbucks nearby and just catch up. If you drive... it's even better cause then she can't really bail. I suggest you really ask her out at least one time l, and so what if she says no.

    Anyway after the coffee KISS HER it will be ok because you are not a stranger and she won't really reject you. Also ask her friends before hand if she is single or not.

    Best wishes 😘😘

    • Well yeah I've realized that I should've just asked her out in the first place, I was pretty young and was stupid haha. Now recently I can drive so I was thinking about just asking her out or something. Glad to hear tht didn't sound crazy. Thanks for reading the whole thing!

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    • I've been like really playing it safe

    • Ok. You need to stop and get in the dirt. Start making moves ASAP or this girl WILL get bored

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  • Gone is gone, stop wasting your time with chasing people.