Dating: how to deal with boyfriend being "perfect" for me but is arrogant occasionally?

I am Caucasian and he is Asian and I know for a fact he is insecure about some things such as his height compared to me. Often I think he makes arrogant remarks to make up for his insecurities. I love him genuinely dearly however some comments just irritate me.


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  • Well that is the kind of person you chose to date. So if your seeing these flaws now, then you need to ask yourself if you rather tolerate it, or let him go. Because either you speak up about his behavior and how it effects you as a whole in this relationship, he will continue to make you feel disrespected. I don't think the word 'perfect' is the right term to use. If he is a perfectionist kind of person then yes, but perfectionism isn't wrong. Its when you project your views on other people can it become a problem. He is still learning and growing like all of us should be doing. But it is his choice to change, love you and respect you. He has to want to do it for himself.


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