Is the age difference between a 29 year old female and 41 year old male too much?

He has 2 boys 11 and 12, I have one boy who is 5. I am wondering how one makes time for dating when we have such opposite schedules. Like when I don't have my child, he has his and vice versa. Opinions/advice please.


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  • At your age I would not say that's too large an age gap, providing both of you are stable (financially and emotionally) and mature adults who are capable of having a serious committed relationship.

    Is there any way you guys can reschedule with your ex partners to coordinate it better so that you're able to have more similar off times?

    • well i am not struggling or anything but I do not make a lot of money. I have a 1 bedroom apt with my 5 yr old son. Do you think he will look down on me because of that?

    • I don't think so! I can't really say but like I said, if he's mature enough he'll see that you're doing well enough on your own and still able to provide for your son, which is very admirable in my eyes.

  • It's a bit creepy. But depends how much of an attraction there is. Harder to relate to each other with such a big age gap. Like you grew up in different decades! The schedule could also pose a challenge. I wouldn't do it unless you really really like him.